Kick-start your fundraisers with iDonate

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with iDonate, Ireland's premier online Charity & Non Profit fundraising platform. was established in 2011 as a free service, providing tools for both charities and fundraisers to help raise much needed funds.

If you operate fundraising events at any point during the year, now you can make it simple for your customers to create their own iDonate fundraising pages for events they register for through ClearBookings.

To activate this feature, visit the iDonate tab in your Account Settings page. Once activated, you will be able to choose a preferred iDonate-registered charity for your events, though you may also choose alternate charities for specific events if needed.

When creating your event registration pages on ClearBookings, you will then notice a new iDonate tab appearing, where you can link your iDonate event. Either give customers the choice of creating iDonate fundraising pages for any attendees on their bookings on completion of event checkout, or simply have us create the funraising pages automatically.

In the interests of transparency and respecting customer privacy, we will present suitable explanatory privacy notices at appropriate points in the booking process according to the fundraising page creation option you choose. These will outline the specific personal data that will be shared with iDonate (presently, just names and email addresses) and provide links to iDonate's own privacy policy (which you can find here).