Registrations that work with you

We provide the tools AND we work with you to get you up and accepting bookings in no time.

  • Easily design attendee forms to collect the most relevant “secret” notes at time of booking to support your Santa experiences
  • Provide tailorable PDF-printable tickets with your booking confirmations
  • Process payments using your preferred payment gateway
  • Out-of-the-box and fully customised reporting to keep you on track (and keep the bean counters happy!)

Before the event

Employ customer self-service booking management facilities to slash your administrative overheads and focus on the important stuff.
From the comfort of their own PC or phone, your customers can:

  • Update their children's details or Santa secrets
  • Change visit dates and times
  • Add, remove or switch guests on their booking
  • Purchase additional items eg. official invitations
  • (Heaven forbid!) cancel their booking

Manage the crowds ahead of time

Employ fine-grained booking controls to manage visitor numbers and flow through your event venue.
With flexible timeslot configuration options, you can set limits on any or all of:

  • Total visitors within a timeslot,
  • Total family groups within a timeslot,
  • Maximum family group sizes
  • Another metric we hadn't thought of!

Need to balance visitor groups across multiple Santa grottos or visiting zones in parallel? Not a bother. Have more grottos open some days than others? Absolutely, we can help.

Welcoming your guests

Ensure your guests are checked in with smiles and minimum fuss.

  • Scan supplied QR codes on customer tickets to easily locate guest bookings
  • Check-in all guests instantly, or handle split group check-ins as needed
  • Define multiple check-in points throughout your guest journey to track visitor flow and trigger workflow actions
  • Print easy-to-read Santa cheat sheets at check-in areas or at grottos
  • Operate seamlessly off-line or in areas with patchy internet coverage

You can even accept walk-ins using our box office facilities.

Need something unique?

Every event is different. We excel at tailoring and customising our services to meet your particular event requirements. Just see what our existing customers have to say!

From your customers landing on your booking page to meeting the big man in person, we can help mould their experience (and yours) to make your event shine. Need peak and off-peak pricing? Just ask. Need a pop-up message or reminder to appear before customers complete their bookings? Piece o' cake! Need to produce colour-coded guest lanyards at check-in? We've got you covered!

Create your first event and make new experiences happen.

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