By Appointment

Control ticket allocation and visiting times to smooth out busy periods, reduce queueing and manage the capacity of your venue. Attendees arrive just on time and have a more exclusive experience. Fine-tune your ticket settings and check-in attendees quickly when they arrive.

  • Optimise capacity and reduce waiting times for customers
  • Quickly create intuitive appointment booking pages to suit every activity
  • Control visitor numbers and stagger attendances

Quick and Precise time slot configuration

Comprehensive yet simple to use time slot and ticket type configuration allows for fast and accurate management of your available visiting times.

  • Easy to use
  • Detailed configuration
  • Simple to manage

Attendance reporting & Heat Maps

Always have the latest information to hand. Create custom reports and schedule email delivery of visitor manifests to your team ahead of time. View live session occupancy levels quickly using ClearBookings unique ‘heat maps’.

  • Utilise heat maps to gauge busiest sessions at a glance
  • Live reports on number of visitors on site

On Site Check-in

Quickly check-in visitors. Easily access visitor lists and quickly check on your occupancy levels in real time. Use the service off or online to meet Wi-fi availability.

  • Easy to use within dashboard
  • Use with or without high-performance scanners
  • Real time reports to see who has checked in

Customise your registration pages

Create registration pages to suit different event, attraction or appointment types and ticketing schemes and match registration pages to your own website styling.

  • Design simple registration pages
  • Choose from multiple event templates
  • Customise the look and feel of your pages

Create your first event and make new experiences happen.

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