Here to Help

We are all trying to adapt to the impacts Covid-19 is having on our businesses. ClearBookings helps small to large businesses, from Universities to Lego Camps, better engage with their customers and manage online bookings and payments for a wide range of events and activities. Event ticketing and registrations for upcoming public facing events have plummeted sharply in recent weeks, and like so many other businesses, ClearBookings is adjusting to this new reality, not only to the impact it’s having on our business but also that of our customers.

We’ve always supported and encouraged customers to push the boundaries of our online booking platform to manage many other aspects of their online businesses. After all, ClearBookings’ significant differentiator is our ability to tailor precisely and quickly to customer’s needs. We want to help your business today! Are you bringing any aspects of your business online for the first time? Perhaps to support online orders, scheduling of service delivery or appointments, or do you need to supplement or expand on your existing online presence with invoicing facilities, online payment and booking controls? If so, then please contact us today - we'd love to hear from you and learn how we can support your new way of doing business.