Lisa Lane

Lisa is an independent event promoter that runs a variety of large scale events based on popularity.

Make a Mark

Lisa recently left her job in a marketing company to start her own business. Inspired by her niece and nephew’s obsession with a new video game, she decided to create family-focused events based on the popular trend.

The Flexibility

Lisa’s business environment is fast-paced. She needs booking features that compliment her workflow. She knows her audience and is looking to get the maximum revenue from ticket sales.

Key features used

  • Flexible ticketing schemes
  • Early bird pricing
  • Reporting
  • Event check-ins
  • Fastidious Customer Support

The Return

Clearbookings features optimise Lisa’s workflow and give her the results she needs for her business. The platform gives the flexibility and control needed to support her detailed ticket options. She can quickly assess where her ticket sales are at on the move and manage multiple events with ease. With quick and easy to use check-in options, her customers arrive happy and enjoy every event.

Made for you

3.5% + 0.30

+ Stripe Payment Gateway Fees

  • Unlimited ticket types per event
  • Use your own Stripe account
  • Get paid quickly
  • Free to use for free events
  • Mobile optimised dashboard
  • Easy reporting & analytics
  • Full REST API for developers
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Customised for you

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+ Stripe/Global Payments Gateway Fees

  • "Made for you" plus...
  • Event pages tailored to your website
  • Reports tailored by us to your needs
  • Custom booking validation rules
  • On demand customer invoicing tools
  • Optionally, use your own Global Payments account
  • Integrated Typeform/JotForm surveys
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