Trent Tanner

After completing an accounting degree, Trent pivoted his career and followed his dreams of owning his own business

The Trendsetter

Trent opened an off-beat bohemian coffee shop and wine bar (“The Tannery”!) in an abandoned factory on the edge of an up-and-coming district, where he also maintains an adjoining boutique events space.

Aside from using the space to show off his budding photographic prowess to his local posse of coffee connoisseurs between times, he hosts art exhibits, inspiring talks, local charity events and random thingies that take his fancy.

Enabling whatever

The Clear platform gives Trent the flexibility to operate free and paid events of all types, and even sell his own creations online when the fancy takes him. ClearBookings ‘gets out of the way’ to help Trent maintain a strong brand identity for his business. Being a small business operator, having fast access to money from bookings is also important to Trent.

Key features used

  • Own branding and page customisations
  • Free event registrations
  • Events calendar
  • Stripe integration for fast payouts
  • Mailchimp integration for audience engagement

The Payoff

Partnering with ClearBookings, Trent maintains his own brand identity, enjoys good cash-flow, and keeps his event space buzzing.

Made for you

3.5% + 0.30

+ Stripe Payment Gateway Fees

  • Unlimited ticket types per event
  • Use your own Stripe account
  • Get paid quickly
  • Free to use for free events
  • Mobile optimised dashboard
  • Easy reporting & analytics
  • Full REST API for developers
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Customised for you

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+ Stripe/Global Payments Gateway Fees

  • "Made for you" plus...
  • Event pages tailored to your website
  • Reports tailored by us to your needs
  • Custom booking validation rules
  • On demand customer invoicing tools
  • Optionally, use your own Global Payments account
  • Integrated Typeform/JotForm surveys
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